The OjO Smart E-Scooter: Zero Emissions, Most Tech-Advanced Electric Scooter Right Now

Last week we have come across and reviewed the OjO smart e-scooter for the first time here – and we have already received a lot of positive reviews about this innovative electric scooter which has, in turn, prompted us to reveal more information about the OjO electric scooter.

So let’s get started be reiterating what is so special and reinforcing it with more close up images which we have managed to source from OjO official website. In this review with myself, John from Toys and Presents, I will be going over the first 4 features of the OjO smart e-scooter.

OjO Smart Scooter Orange
OjO Smart e-Scooter Orange

OjO smart e-Scooter Feature 1: Aluminium Frame and a Wing Shape Body

The OjO Electric Scooter has been expertly designed in order to maximize comfort, security and agility. The fact that it has an aluminium frame means that the scooter is relatively lightweight but at the same time made up of resistant material.The OjO also claims to have durable, integrated ABS automotive graded plastic fairings which according to them contributes to the two most important things in the automotive industry – the safety (strength) and beauty of the method of transport.

OjO Smart e-scooter Aluminum Frame

OjO smart e-Scooter Feature 2: Non-Slip Riding Deck and Removable Seating

Unlike the normal electric scooters which are coming out in 2017, one of OjO’s breaking, outstanding features is the fact that this electric scooter can be ridden whilst standing up – strange right?

This is, however, a choice that you can make as the normal seat is extremely comfortable and adjustable. For those who want to make a choice wherever they are – there is a possibility to purchase an optional rear storage to store the seat should you want to remove it.

OjO smart e-scooter seating

OjO Smart e-Scooter Feature 3: It can be ridden on Bike Lanes

Just in case you didn’t know, the maximum speed of bike lanes is that of 20mph which is why the OjO smart e-scooter was designed – to be specifically ridden in bike lanes. The OjO also enjoys the benefit of a 500-watt gear hub which has been custom built specifically for the OjO smart e-scooter and has been specifically designed for lasting durability and optimum power.

OjO Smart e-Scooter Feature 4: All of the OjO components are Waterproof

Yes – you heard that right. The OjO electric scooter has been fully sealed to be waterproof – including all the speakers and ports and whatnot. This follows a certain trend which has been identified in the mobile industry such as the latest Samsung and Apple smartphones.

This means that there is nothing stopping you from going out riding in the rain or riding through a puddle of water. Just make sure you go out with your own rain jacket which unfortunately is not yet provided with the OjO smart e-scooter however we will make sure to suggest it.

OjO Smart E-Scooter Bluetooth Speaker

However, waterproofing is not all that the OjO is about in uncomfortable weather. The tires have been specifically designed to be all-weather and they provide maximum grip on any rough turns. The OjO smart e-scooter also has protective mud flaps in order to maintain your performance when you are on your course – commuting. The disc brakes both at the front and at the back are guaranteed to provide a safe, quick and controlled stop.

OjO Smart e-Scooter All Grip Tyres

We have gone over the first top 4 features of the OjO smart e-scooter and we can’t wait until we release three more features in the coming days in order to complete our OjO smart e-scooter review. We hope that you have enjoyed our commentary and review. Feel free to give us any tips on how we could improve our reviews.

We would like to always express and recommend caution when riding vehicles of any kind. Even though the company will make its utmost to provide all the safety features needed to make this a comfortable and safe ride, it is up to the rider to make sure that they are observing the laws at all times.

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