The Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – The Perfect Tech Gift for your Father

The Amazon Echo Dot is being featured today at Toys and Presents, we have come across the perfect gift for your father on the memorable occasion of Father’s Day in appreciation of your father’s efforts in bringing you up and giving you the best opportunities ever.

If you are already familiar with the Echo and Alexa range from Amazon, you can just go ahead and purchase the Amazon Echo Dot for just $50 here.

If you are eager to see what we have to say about the Amazon Echo Dot, we would encourage you to keep scrolling below.

What is the Amazon Echo Dot exactly?

The second generation Amazon (or should we say Amazing) Echo Dot is a mini-sized smart speaker which is as smart if not more than the previous version with the positive side of the newest being generation, is being costed at nearly half the price.

Amazon Echo Dot Second Generation

This speaker is also the only product from the Echo range, that funnily enough can connect to existing audio setups in your households.

The most advanced speaker ever but why?

The Amazon Echo Dot has been highly praised for its heightened ability to capture and recognize the voice commands issued to it – even over background music or noise!

This ability to recognize this voice is the popular Amazon’s version of Siri or Cortana – Alexa. The Amazon Echo Dot will respond to “wake up” by saying the name Alexa, Amazon or Echo – even if the speaker was put to sleep. The microphones found within the Amazon Echo Dot are always on the lookout for anyone trying to use it.  Once the Amazon Echo Dot switches on, it will decipher your command by sending a signal back to Amazon servers and the servers will tell it what needs to be done. All of this is done at light speed.

Popular Commands for the Amazon Echo Dot

The most popular commands for the Amazon Echo Dot include the following: to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news and set alarms. Basically a hybrid speaker smartphone.

Potentially even better than a smartphone. It can also control lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, locks and hook up with devices of other popular brands such as Phillips or Samsung.

Amazon Echo Dot - Control your Lights and Climate

More features are being added to the Amazon Echo Dot range and the most recent ones are the ability to book an Uber or Dominos – how crazy is that?

Amazon Echo Dot New Features


The new Amazon Echo Dot differs from its predecessor not just by its added features and abilities but also by appearance. It is now available in white – which means it will blend with most things around your household. It is also much smaller in size and somewhat lighter – due to some optimizations presumably made by Amazon engineers in making the product easier to use. Otherwise, the same simplicity of the Amazon Echo speaker has been kept – plug and play options and voice recognition software.

The ace in the hole for Amazon Echo Dot is the ability to connect it to any audio setups, including speakers, via a Bluetooth connection or line-in cable – creating the possibility for the user to amplifying their Echo speaker with their already existing audio setup.

Bonus Tip: As of yet Amazon does not include this line-in cable with the Amazon Echo Dot which means that you will need to buy your own.

If the Echo Dot is not enough for you – you can view the rest of the Echo and Alexa range here.

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