OjO Electric Scooter Review: The Best Commuting Vehicle Right Now

OjO Electric Scooter Review (Check price on Amazon here)

Over past few years, electric scooters have become quite popular. There are several popular models of the electric scooter in the market, and new models are getting introduced each day. Becoming more and more common, these electric vehicles are a great cost effective and environment-friendly alternative. From teens to kids and adults, you can easily find an electric scooter for different age groups of people. Users of these Personal Mobility Devices boast about convenience and efficiency provided by these vehicles.

One of the popular and in-demand electric scooters in the market is OjO Electric Scooter. A niche product targeting a specific category, OjO Electric Scooter is a zero-emission electric scooter. Designed specifically for adults, OjO Electric Scooter is taking over the electric scooter market slowly. An amazing vehicle for short distances, this electric scooter has been designed with the latest technology.

OjO Electric Scooter Charging

Features of OjO Electric Scooter

With its 300-pound weighing capacity, OjO Electric Scooter is one of the latest commuter-friendly rides to arrive in the market. This vehicle has been designed to work efficiently even in cities with heavy traffic.

  • 25-mile range battery
  • Speed up to 20 miles per hour
  • 500W HyperGear Motor
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Motion Activated Alarm system
  • Wireless key fob
  • Removable 48V lithium ion battery pack
  • Dual rear shocks and mono front shock
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pound
  • 3 riding modes
  • Zero emissions smart scooter
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • USB port to charge device or play music

OjO Electric Scooter – A Deeper Look Into This Amazing Scooter

OjO electric scooter strikes the perfect balance between fun and affordable commute. It has been that most adult electric scooters are either quite expensive or do not offer an enjoyable experience. With this model, OjO scooter guarantees both of these factors. You can have a comfortable ride while the price is economic compared to other high-end scooters.

With its 3 riding modes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The perfect solution for your daily commute, OjO electric scooters are bike lane-friendly. The scooter comes with a removable seat. So, you can either sit or stand during the ride as per your wish. You have the option of standing through short rides or being seated comfortably if the ride is long. Its speed that hits 20 mph while running 25 miles on a full charge makes it a legal vehicle for bike lanes. Charging this electric scooter is equally easy with a standard outlet plug that can be pulled out of the front. So, no matter where you are, charging this smart scooter is easy. Use the stereo speakers connected with Bluetooth to play your favorite music as you ride.

OjO Electric Scooter

The OjO Electric Scooter boasts of a smart, ergonomic design. This design has been patented by the company. All parts used in the OjO Electric Scooter are waterproof making it a go-to vehicle across all seasons. The welded heavy gauge aluminium chassis brings strength and stability to the vehicle, adding safety while on the road. Just like spare parts, even tires of OjO Electric Scooter are apt in every weather including rains. The presence of brakes on both front and back tires makes the vehicle safer to ride.

As the vehicle is bike-lane friendly, you do not need a license to ride it. The presence of USB port allows charging a device or playing music. The nonslip traded deck allows the rider to grip the deck easily with their foot while riding. The wireless key fob makes it easy to locate the bike, control the lock/unlock system and start the bike. The gear system and HyperGear motor work well on slopes too.

Offering technology, financial and environmental benefits, OjO Electric Scooter offers a rewarding package to its owners. A “real” adult scooter, the OjO Electric Scooter is economically viable and sustainable. A fresh entry into the foldable, unstable toy-like electric scooters for adults, the OjO Electric Scooter is a simple and fun commuter vehicle that offers first-of-its-kind smart experience.

OjO Electric Scooter assures the rider of a smooth, stable and easy ride! If you are looking for a fun, bike-friendly vehicle, the OjO Electric Scooter is just what you need. A super ride with fun and technology you are looking for, you will definitely want to have one.

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The OjO Scooter is currently available for purchase via Amazon for $1,999.99

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