OjO Electric Scooter Price – How much does it cost?

In one of our blogs we have written a while back in June, we have already given an in-depth review of the OjO Electric Scooter here.

In that article, we have also reviewed all of the OjO Electric Scooter Features and why it is becoming so popular around the world. Even Lady Gaga has been known to own a pink OjO Scooter.

Lady Gaga OjO scooter

The OjO Electric Scooter Price

A lot of people have asked us about the price of the OjO Scooter and whilst we have always put it in our blogs we felt the need of writing another piece describing the price and reiterating what the features are and what some people are saying about the OjO Electric Scooter.

Let’s analyse some user reviews on the OjO Electric Scooter

One user on the OjO Electric Scooter Amazon Page mentioned that he bought 3 scooters for himself, his son and his daughter in-law – all in different colours. He mentions that the OjO electric scooter was very well packed. The user who reviewed the scooter describes himself as not being really tech-savvy however appreciates and compliments OjO scooter as being extremely easy to use.

Charging the OjO scooter is very simple and you don’t need any specific charging port to charge your scooter. The scooter comes with a regular charging port which can be plugged into any 100V wall. All of this is included in the OjO electric Scooter price which is currently at $1,999.99 on Amazon Launchpad.

The OjO Electric Scooter has also been described as completely stable with users being able to stand or sit without the slightest struggle. Feeling safe on the OjO Electric Scooter is part of the price as well.

In addition to all the above, the OjO scooter offers the option to the rider to choose between 3 speeds, enabling the rider to go fast or slow as they please. In order to accelerate with the OjO Scooter, one needs to play around with the thumb switch which is at a comfortable distance across one’s palm of hands. Moreover, the brakes aren’t sticky however incredibly smooth. It has to be said, that the OjO Electric scooter price might seem out of this world at $1,999.99, however, if you really want the top of the range features, you only go for the Tesla of motorcycles.

Another user was looking for to replace his old e-bike, particularly for an electric motorcycle that would go slow but also powerful enough to overcome some hills on his way to work. After embracing the OjO Electric Scooter price and purchasing it from Amazon, this user fell in love with it! According to this user, the OjO electric scooter is able to maintain a constant speed when going up a hill and can handle more than 16 miles with just one charge and remaining with more than 50%. This user had some issues with his scooter, specifically the power chord was not closing in properly and the rear shock absorbers of the bike were a bit too soft which made it a bumpy ride. However, once this user contacted the OjO scooter customer service they went out of their way to fix all his problems, with the technician personally going over to this user’s house and fixing his chord with a new latch and replacing the shock absorbers. This user described it as being the best customer care he ever experienced. Last but not least, the user described the scooter as being the perfect scooter to stay away from cars and drive safely in the bike lane.

OjO Electric Scooters Blue Black and White
OjO Electric Scooters in Boxes

If you’re happy with the OjO Electric scooter price tag, then find one last piece of advice:

Once you are happy with that price tag, we would encourage you to dig a little bit deeper in your pocket and get the OjO basket which can fit with your bike in order to make carrying your shopping bags around much easier.

What do you think of the OjO Electric Scooter price tag? Let us know in the comments below!

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