If you haven’t heard about the OjO Electric Scooter yet, then it is time you read about the Tesla-inspired scooter.

The OjO Electric scooter has been launched a few months ago, being the latest of eco-friendly means of transportation to hit the market recently. It has also been rumoured, that the OjO Commuter scooter is highly inspired by Tesla.

The scooter is currently being priced at $1,999.99 from Amazon here.

OjO Electric Scooter

So why is the OjO Electric Scooter so special?

To give you a brief description, the OjO Electric Scooter is a means of transport which has zero emissions, is bike lane-friendly and makes up for a clean fun ride for adults. With a single charge, it has the ability to go to up to 25 miles and can accelerate relatively quick up to 20 mph.

The Ojo Electric Scooter will certainly pave the way for many more eco-friendly ways to commute within cities – whether it is just for fun or to commute from home to work and back.

The OjO Electric Scooter is rigged with Smart Technology

This commuter scooter is deemed as being a smart scooter – which basically means that the manufacturers of this product have tried (and successfully) installed the latest technology within a sleek and patented ergonomic design having the prowess of a lesser motorcycle with its HyperGear motor and its ability to power up hills.

One of the benefits of the OjO Electric Scooter is that it supports more than 300 pounds of weight and all of this is because of its extremely strong aluminium chassis. The OjO electric scooter is then transformed into one of the best scooters rides out there, due to great engineering in making this oddly shaped scooter fun, smooth and easy to ride and manoeuvre.

OjO Electric Scooter

This scooter has made a super hit because it has zero emissions, however, it also possesses one of the most advanced batteries in the world and features and onboard charger through which the OjO Electric scooter can be charged at any 110V wall outlet.

The OjO Electric scooter looks like it has been moulded from Amazon Echo, Tesla, Fitbit and Uber put together. The scooter has an interactive touchscreen which allows the rider a variety of options like choosing speed, control the light and sound and many more items. The scooter also possesses waterproof Bluetooth speakers just in case it is raining outside, a voice response system, USB ports to charge your phone and many more items. It has also got a convenient storage space at the back as an accessory just in case riders would like to carry something with them during their journey.

For those who are worrying about security, OjO has installed in their scooters a motion activated alarm system and wireless key fob for additional security. So rest assured should you want to purchase this scooter from here, the systems are in place to ensure that you are very well taken care of.

Our Final Say on the OjO Electric Scooter

The OjO Electric Scooter is compliant with all the same rules and guidelines as other electric bikes on the marketing, also meaning that you require no licence to ride one legally. The rapid growth and awareness around riding bikes to reduce traffic congestion as well as the constant struggle to reduce the carbon footprint on our world makes the OjO one of the most attractive bicycles that are out there. In addition to that, it comes with all the technology that one could ask for in a bike.

We know that you want it as much as we do, which is why we are going to purchase one of the seven different colours from Amazon.

OjO Electric Scooter
Purchase the OjO Scooter Today for $1,999.99
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  1. Paul Smith July 24, 2017 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    I bought an ojo schooter, having problems with power cuting out. which is dangerous.

    • TP John July 29, 2017 at 11:33 am - Reply

      Hi Paul,

      We are sorry to hear that! Would you be interested in sending us a brief description of what is happening and the implications of it? We have never come across it personally but it would be great to know all the pros and cons of this scooter.

      We look forward to your reply,

      Team Toys & Presents

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