OjO Electric Commute – First Look at its Features

OjO Electric has recently introduced the first real “smart” electric scooter – the OjO Electric Commute. Since its introduction at CES, this bike lane friendly electric scooter has taken the market by the storm. The most technologically advanced electric scooter in the world, the OjO Electric Commute is a great personal transport. Stay assured for a stable ride that is packed in sleek and stable design with this electric scooter. The OjO Electric Commute strikes a balance between cheap razor bikes and high-end luxury bikes. This electric scooter is not only cost effective but guarantees a quality riding experience. We have already been through what it feels like when commuting with an OjO Electric Scooter here.

ojo electric commute

A Breath of Fresh Air in Electric Scooters in 2017

With the growing popularity of electric scooters, OjO Electric Commute has brought a revolution in real transportation. Most electric scooters available in the market are toy-like, foldable and unstable. OjO Commute surpasses all these limitations. Anyone apprehensive of riding a motorbike should opt for an electric scooter as a mode of transport. The OjO Electric Commute does not require a license and complies with bike lane regulations. Several of the features of this bike have been patented.

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The Main Features of an OjO Electric Commute Scooter

Whether you want to commute to the office every day or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, the OjO Electric commuter scooter is just what you need. Here are features of OjO Electric Commute that simply can’t be missed –

  • Ergonomic Design – The OjO Commute has an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and versatility. It took around 3 years to research and design the vehicle.
  • Fully Welded Aluminum Body – The OjO Electric Commute has a fully welded frame made from Aluminum. This gives the vehicle stability and strength. The load bearing capacity of OjO Electric is around 300 pounds. The presence of Aluminium under chassis increases manoeuvrability and durability.
  • ABS automotive grade plastic fairings – Along with Aluminium for the body, the fairings of this vehicle are made from AMC automotive grade plastic. This makes the vehicle stable to ride, giving a seamless experience to the rider. The body is wing-shaped with aluminium frame.
  • High-Performance Motor – The scooter is powered by a custom 500W HyperGear hub motor. It has been designed for efficient use and long term durability. With this motor, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • State-of-the-art Battery – Battery of this vehicle is portable and removable. The OjO Commute has a state-of-art battery technology that is used to power the vehicle. In a single full charge, the vehicle can travel up to 25 miles.
  • Removable Seat – Riders have the option of sitting or standing while riding the scooter. The seats are removable and adjustable to give a comfortable position to the person riding. Deck of the vehicle is trodden and non-slip for better posture and comfort.
  • Onboard charger – The onboard charger of OjO Electric Commute is patented by the company. It comes with a plug and retractable cord. Charging the vehicle is extremely easy. Simply plug it into an 110V power outlet on the wall.
  • Lighting and Sound System – To make night riding safer, the OjO Commute comes with front and rear LED lights. It also comes with a high-quality integrated sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. Light and sound can be controlled from the dashboard screen.
  • Speed Modes – There are three-speed modes to operate the vehicle. The rider can choose the speed mode from the digital dashboard present on a non-glare touchscreen.
  • Powerful Disc Brakes – OjO Commuter Scooter comes with front and rear disk brakes. This feature has enhanced safety while riding the vehicle as it is easy to quickly and smoothly stop the vehicle.
  • All Weather Tires – Whether you are using the e-scooter in rainy season or winter, its tires are ready to face any weather. These all weather pneumatic tires are tubeless.
  • Motion Activated Alarm System – The OjO Commuter comes with a motion activated alarm system. This system cannot be disabled in the lock mode thus giving protection against theft. To turn the security system off and on, riders need to use the secure wireless key FOB.
ojo electric commute

Available in 7 colors, just choose the shade you love the most and order this amazing e-scooter. A stable, fun and simple e-scooter, the OjO Commute is a zero emissions clean vehicle for commuting.

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