Amazon’s New Fire Tablets: An In-Depth Review

In the fierce battle of tablets available in the market, which tablet do you think is the best one for you? From performance to price, features to the configuration, there are several decision-making factors you need to consider. Going for the cheapest tablet available in the market may not be the optimum choice for you. It may not give you all the features you are looking for or may become technologically outdated within some time. Opting for the tablet from a reputed company like Amazon is always a smart choice. Amazon’s new Fire tablets continue to be a popular choice in the tablet market, attracting device lovers from all segments. At Toys and Presents, we are going to review Amazon’s New Fire Tablets in the next few pages:

Amazon’s New Fire Tablets

Amazon offers a wide range of tablets and new Fire tablets are introduced each year. The latest generation of Amazon’s new Fire tablets is a lot better and technologically upgraded than the previous ones. Whether you are looking to invest in the first tablet device or wish to upgrade your old tablet, Amazon Fire is just the right brand to go for.

Features of Amazon’s New Fire Tablets

  • Amazon’s New Fire tablets do not run on the regular Android OS. They run on the modified version of Android OS known as the Fire OS.
  • User friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Range to Choose From
  • Easily accessible
  • Good battery life
  • An added benefit for Prime Members. They can view and download thousands of movies and TV shows. By downloading, they can watch the Prime Videos offline anytime.
  • Press and Ask Questions to the Virtual Assitant Cloud Service, Alexa
  • Alexa is touch activated and answers all the requests made. It is the best virtual assistant available till date.
  • Perfect for web browsing, playing games and watching videos
  • Choose from a range of apps available in the Amazon App Store.
  • Search on the using the fast Silk browser.

If you are looking for a tablet for dedicated tasks, you do not need to look ahead of Amazon’s new Fire tablets. From being your kitchen counter nook-book or an e-reader, you will surely fall in love with this device.  Getting a prime membership surely adds to your Amazon experience. Prime membership is quite beneficial as a lot of content is available for free.

In the latest generation of Amazon’s new Fire tablets, four tablets were introduced –

  1. The Fire 7
  2. Fire HD 8
  3. Kid’s version of The Fire 7
  4. Kid’s version of Fire HD 8

Each of these devices comes with an exclusive set of features making them the best choice in each segment.

The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (click for price)

With its 7” screen and a sleek appearance, the Fire 7 is one of the finely textured Amazon Tablets. Available in a range of colors including blue, red, black and yellow, The Fire 7 is a better and advanced version of the 2015 Fire 7. The body of this tablet is durable with rounded edges making it quite comfortable to hold.

The best part about the Fire 7 is that all the buttons and ports are on a single edge. So you do not need to go around your device in search of power button, volume button, headphones, microUSB port and more.

Fire 7 Tablet Features

  • 7” responsive touchscreen
  • 1024×600 IPS screen display
  • 3GHz quad core processor
  • 8GB or 16GB storage option
  • 1GB of RAM
  • MicroSD Card slot expandable up to 256GB
  • 2MP rear camera
  • Record 720p HD videos
  • Front facing VGA Camera
  • Advanced polarizing filter
  • Durable to handle everyday tumbles

The quad-core processor makes the tablet fast and responsive. It consist of 4 1.3 GHz cores that improve the performance of the tablet. From launching an app to viewing videos, everything works smooth on the Fire 7.  The Amazon Fire tablet can be carried anywhere with its 7 hour battery life. This tablet features a 7” IPS display that displays whiter whites and vivid colors. The in-plane switching makes it easy to view at all angles.

Amazon's New Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 (click for price)

One of the cheapest tablets with an outstanding battery life, the Fire HD 8 is specifically designed for entertainment. Bigger battery, more base storage and faster performance makes the tablet best choice for viewing videos and playing games. The device is available in 4 different color options. The stunning 8 inch display is vibrant and makes a significant difference while reading online.

Fire HD 8 Features

  • 1,280-by-800 LCD
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • 2-megapixel back cameras
  • 3GHz MediaTek quad-core processor
  • 5GB of RAM
  • Fire OS 5.4 software
  • 16 and 32GB models
  • MicroSD slot
  • App download from Amazon store
  • Quick access to the information and entertainment with Alexa

The dual speakers of Fire HD 8 come as a surprise to music lovers. These speakers are bottom mounted gives a true stereo sound and better-defined audio. The tablet support Alexa, the virtual personal assistant. Just say “Hey Alexa” to make use of Amazon Echo (check out our review here) and access all information you want. From weather updates to voice search, Alexa makes your tablet even more useful.

If you have Amazon Prime membership (If you don’t, get it from here), there are a whole range of benefits that you can avail. From music to video and TV sitcoms, access endless entertainment with Amazon Prime.

Amazon's New Fire HD 8 Tablets

Kid’s version of The Fire 7 (click for price)/ Kid’s version of Fire HD 8 (click for price)

Though these are two different models of tablets, their base features are same. Their differences are same as the difference between Fire 7 and Fire HD 8. But, the prime highlight of both these devices is its rugged design to make it children friendly. Children tend to drop and tumble devices and these Kid version of tablets are designed to be more durable and have better strength. Another benefit the kid version devices have are the age-appropriate content.

When you decide to buy a Kid’s version of The Fire 7 or Kid’s version of Fire HD 8, you will be attracted to the bright kid proof case. You can remove the case to clean the tablet and store it. The casing has been designed to give a better grip to the tablet when it is hands of children.

The kid-proof construction of the device and its kid-proof case makes sure the tablet and the screen does not get damaged when the tablet is dropped.

Amazon’s Kids Tablets Features

  • One-year subscription of Fire For Kids Unlimited to thousands of movies, books, games, and apps for children.
  • Colorful bright cases in Blue, Pink, and Yellow
  • Best-in-class parental controls
  • Set bedtime curfew
  • Entertain and educate kids in a safe kid friendly environment
  • Manage usage limits of tablet for kids
  • Kids safe browser
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard with Discussion Cards
  • Give kids selected access to apps in your personal library
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee. Device will get replaces if it breaks

The Kid’s version of The Fire 7 or Kid’s version of Fire HD 8 makes kids happy while giving you peace of mind. You are certain that kids have access to only the content that is appropriate for them. It is the best way to integrate technology in the overall development of children without worrying about them accessing unwanted content.  The cost effective price range makes it a good buy for kids. Give your kids the freedom to play and learn with the Kid’s tablet.

Amazon's New Fire Tablets for Kids

Amazon’s new Fire tablets are a game-changer in the tablet market. They not only provide the best services, quality, and technologically updated hardware, they also make sure the devices are cost effective. High end in terms of design and hardware, mid end in terms of cost, the latest line of Amazon Fire tablets are truly worth buying. Go through these models and you will surely be convinced that you should upgrade or buy a new tablet.

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