Best Inflatable for Summer 2017 – Top 3 Best-Sellers on Amazon

Last week we have reviewed the best scooter that is perfect for Summer and something which provides loads of fun when describing the OjO Electric Scooter. This week we are completely changing tack however we are still going to keep along with the theme of FUN by grading the best inflatable for summer 2017.

If you have already planned your summer trip, which will include a lot of beaches, tanning and swimming, we would suggest taking it up a notch by looking at the best inflatables for summer 2017 which will take your summer experience up a notch by providing a new fun dynamic to your holiday.

#1 Best Inflatable for Summer 2017 – Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge – Purchase here for just under $8

The Intex King Kool Inflatable is currently rated as the best inflatable for summer right now on Amazon at an amazing price of just under $8. This inflatable comes in two colours, one which is clear and the other colour is blue. The price of these inflatables is so cheap that it might be worth getting both.

If you also happen to have a dog, why don’t you get one for him as well?

Despite the cheap price, we have found these inflatables to be very sturdy. I happen to be a tall and big man and I have found the inflatable surprisingly comfortable. The inflatable also has a cup holder which is perfect for cocktails next to the pool.

According to some customer reviews, some inflatables were delivered and had a slow leak which isn’t instantly recognizable. Make sure you inflate your inflatables immediately as if you notice a slow leak within thirty days, Amazon will give you a full refund.

Our Opinion: We think that even though this is a great value for money inflatable, realistically speaking, it would only last you for one summer. However, the cheap price tempts you to buy a new one every summer – although that does not help in any way your carbon footprint. The cheap price and relative sturdiness have contributed to the Intex King Kool Inflatable being the #1 Best Inflatable for Summer 2017.

Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge - Top 3 inflatable for summer

#2 Inflatable for Summer 2017 – Swimline Large Jumbo Inflatable Giant Swan – Purchase here from Amazon

First things first, this Giant Swan inflatable is HUGE. It is large enough that it could possibly fit two people and nice enough to make wherever you put it more beautiful and charming (the kind of influence that swans have on their surroundings).

The swan inflatable is so huge that it is almost impossible to tip it over. We would also suggest that you purchase (if you don’t have one) an electric pump, as it took us 6 minutes to inflate with the electric pump.

With all its advantages, the one thing that we felt was missing from this inflatable, was a patch kit. Accidents do happen and with these kinds of things, it would be very easy to puncture. Otherwise, we would highly recommend getting this for the summer.

Swimline Large Jumbo Inflatable for Summer Giant Swan

#3 Inflatable for Summer 2017 – Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls – Purchase here from Amazon

How to describe this inflatable for Summer 2017? Cute little balls. They are colourful and full of life and we all love to use emoji’s whenever we can.

One of the most common complaints about this product is that some of them (not all) have the valve placed on the top, or they painted the Emoji’s upside down which means that they will float upside down. Ours were perfectly fine but we noticed a common trend as customer reviews which we have just described.

Other uses for our number 3 inflatable for Summer 2017 are the following:

  1. Fun to use in pictures to replace heads
  2. They can be used to hang them from a ceiling
  3. They can be used to give out as gifts to your invitees (ideal for kids)

We would recommend inflating these with an electric pump as you will get a total of 12 of these balls from Amazon.

Inflatable for Summer Emoji Beach Balls

SPECIAL Inflatable for Summer 2017 – Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Purchase from Amazon here

This 2 person is our favourite of them all, especially if you plan going out to sea or river. This kayak is available for a very affordable price of almost $120. This kayak can host a total of two people and comes complete with aluminium oars as well as a high output pump for fast deflation.

The kayak is extremely durable and is perfect for those who enjoy the occasional trip to water and being comfortable on an inflatable. It is very easy to setup and put away however the downside is that it is a bit bulky to store.

Remember, that this kayak is meant for recreational purposes and short bursts of fun. Should you want to look for longer journeys make sure you go for solid hull craft kayaks that are available on Amazon.

If you are looking to go into kayaking and you are still not sure, this kayak has been described as the entry model into the kayaking world.

Stop thinking and look into buying this kayak asap!

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak - best inflatable for summerIntex Explorer K2 Kayak - Inflatable for Summer
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