The Best Asian Knives on the Market Right Now which you can buy from Amazon

Anyone who has ever followed the paths of Eastern cuisine and Western cuisine can tell you that both have taken very different angles. Detrimental to both cuisines, where the invention and craftsmanship of knives, of which we still benefit from today. Today Asian cutlery is a highly sought after piece of equipment for any aspirant chef but also for those home cooks who love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Asian cutlery has evolved but still retained many of the traditional characteristics that make it really sought after and consists of chef’s knives, paring knives, seafood knives and cleavers. Each Asian knife has been designed with a thought process that always served a very specific task and has unique shapes, sizes and edge styles that distinguish Asian knives from their counterparts.

We want to start by reviewing the best Asian knives that can be found on Amazon. The term Asian does not necessarily mean that it is produced in Asia however the technique used to produce these knives, stems from the Asian style.

In our blogs to come, we want to start going into detail about each and every type of knife, however, as our first blog post on the subject, we would like to gather the bestseller knives on Amazon and give our review from there.

We have rated the best Asian knives as follows:

Let’s Review the Best Asian knives on Amazon in more depth:

#1 Dalstrong Ceramic Chef Knife by Dalstrong (click here for price)

Perfect for:  everyday tasks like chopping herbs, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, and unfrozen boneless meats.

Size: 8” long blade

Style:  rust proof, non-oxidizing, ultra-light for hours of slicing, and germ and bacteria resistant

The Dalstrong company proudly boasts of its #1 rated ceramic chef knife on Amazon. It also describes the unique techniques used in crafting this knife:

  1. The Dalstrong Ceramic Chef knife is crafted in a state of the art factory, where they apply up to 200 tons of pressure to the highest quality zirconium powder (whatever that means!)
  2. Their unique method of Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) creates a blade that is harder, stronger, sharper and more resistant to wear and tear when compared to their competitors.
  3. Expert craftsmen hand polish all their knives for the perfect finished edge for a blade.

With 700 strong customer reviews on Amazon, the Dalstrong ceramic knife has placed at the very top amongst the best Asian knives on Amazon.

Dalstrong Chef Knive

#2 Santoku Knife by Orient Knives (click for price here)

Perfect for:  everyday tasks like chopping herbs, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits and unfrozen boneless meats.

Size: 7” long blade

Style:  Hammer Finish Creates Airflow & Minimizes Drag, Imported AUS8 Japanese Steel

Santoku comes from the Japanese term ‘three virtues’ which is why this blade is associated with three styles of using your knife: chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables.

This Santoku knife has been described as being able to cut through anything like butter and it is perfect for sushi lovers. There is no need to wet the blade as it slices through anything even when dry. In addition to that, it is perfect for slicing through fish, vegetables and smaller meats, however, refrain from using it to chop bones. The small ergonomic handle makes the Santoku knife ideal for chefs with smaller hands as it would be easier to manage.

The top of a santoku knife handle is very often in line with the top of the blade. The perfect santoku knife should possess a handle and a blade which have matching weight. This will result in a proper Santoku – which also means that the knife has near perfect balance. This Santoku knife has a blade which tapers to a point resulting in a much sharper angle on the edge.

The Santoku knife was placed second as the best Asian knife on Amazon.

#3 Allezola Professional Chef Knife (click for price)

Perfect for: Multi-purpose use

Size: 7.5 inches

Style: Simple and classic

The Allezola Professional chef knife is made up of a strong steel blade that boasts a 0.6% – 0.75% carbon makeup. This knife is a multi-purpose knife, which means it is designed for chopping, mincing, dicing, and slicing. The best thing about this knife is that every person who buys this knife gets a lifetime warranty with it and if you want to still return the knife, there will be no questions asked.

Allezola Professional Chef's Knife

We hope you have enjoyed our review of these fantastic knives which can be the perfect gift to give out to your parents or anyone who is passionate about cooking and appreciates a really good knife as a present. We encourage you to view other reviews on Toys and Presents:

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