Anki Overdrive Amazon Review

Physical cars racing on tracks, while you are controlling them with your smartphone! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Anki Overdrive has simply taken the excitement of racing cars up a notch! An impressive connected toy, it can be played by families, friends and more. As cool as they sound, Anki Overdrive has tech so advanced [...]

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The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit: One of the best Toys you could give to your kids

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is the essential toy you would want to purchase for your kids for any upcoming occasion which warrants a toy purchase. The Anki Overdrive is one of the latest, revolutionary set of toys which has come out in recent years which is connected to your mobile devices and the [...]

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OjO Electric Commute – First Look at its Features

OjO Electric has recently introduced the first real “smart” electric scooter – the OjO Electric Commute. Since its introduction at CES, this bike lane friendly electric scooter has taken the market by the storm. The most technologically advanced electric scooter in the world, the OjO Electric Commute is a great personal transport. Stay assured [...]

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Commuting with an OjO Commuter Scooter

A great last mile solution, electric scooters are the latest way to go. Electrify your ride!  No hassles of parking, no wastage of time and cost effective, electric scooters come with a range of benefits. Pumped up with “juice” to get you where you want to go, electric scooters can zip up your ride. [...]

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OjO Electric Scooter Review: The Best Commuting Vehicle Right Now

OjO Electric Scooter Review (Check price on Amazon here) Over past few years, electric scooters have become quite popular. There are several popular models of the electric scooter in the market, and new models are getting introduced each day. Becoming more and more common, these electric vehicles are a great cost effective and environment-friendly alternative. [...]

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The OjO Smart E-Scooter: Zero Emissions, Most Tech-Advanced Electric Scooter Right Now

Last week we have come across and reviewed the OjO smart e-scooter for the first time here – and we have already received a lot of positive reviews about this innovative electric scooter which has, in turn, prompted us to reveal more information about the OjO electric scooter. So let’s get started be reiterating [...]

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If you haven’t heard about the OjO Electric Scooter yet, then it is time you read about the Tesla-inspired scooter.

The OjO Electric scooter has been launched a few months ago, being the latest of eco-friendly means of transportation to hit the market recently. It has also been rumoured, that the OjO Commuter scooter is highly inspired by Tesla. The scooter is currently being priced at $1,999.99 from Amazon here. So why is [...]

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The Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – The Perfect Tech Gift for your Father

The Amazon Echo Dot is being featured today at Toys and Presents, we have come across the perfect gift for your father on the memorable occasion of Father’s Day in appreciation of your father’s efforts in bringing you up and giving you the best opportunities ever. If you are already familiar with the Echo [...]

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