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Why are DJI Drones dominating the market in 2017?

It is no secret, that China’s drone making giant DJI, is taking over a massive market share of a very fast growing industry. How are they doing this? Providing very good products at relatively lower prices than anyone else.

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Most of the drone companies are often based in China, due to relatively cheap labor and great infrastructure to produce the latest tech gadgets around the world. These companies are not publicly held, yet, including China’s DJI drone company – and as such, there is no data yet which gives us further insight. We predict that all of this will be changing in the near future as more research and company data will emerge.

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But How Big is the Drone Industry Exactly?

Now one really knows how big the drone industry will get to, however, everyone knows one thing – drones have become extremely popular and no one can deny that. China DJI’s drone is certainly experiencing massive growth in sales of its drones.

Research firm Gartner has reported that drone unit sales have grown to at least $2.2 million and total revenue has grown up to a staggering 36 percent at $4.5 billion.

The Washington Post has also reported how the drone is one perfect gift that 1 in 5 people would like to receive. As a matter of fact, the sales done over last Christmas were capped at a record-breaking figure.

In addition to that, Saint Leo University carried out a poll which has found out that as the public are more educated on drones, laws and all their uses, they are less afraid of them and more willing to use them.

DJI Drones

Back to DJI Drones and their dominance

The breakthrough drone for DJI must have probably been their Phantom drone – which anyone familiar with drones must have heard of. Our very first review on this website is also about on the DJI’s Phantom Drones which you can read about here.

From that time, DJI Drones have also launched a new market leader in drones the Mavic Pro which has been found extremely popular amongst photography enthusiasts even though at a pricey $999.

DJI dominance in the drone market has stopped the second placed company 3D Robotics to stop making drones completely in 2016 and focus solely on crafting better software.

Several other companies can’t keep with the drone giants including GoPro who launched their drone Karma, recalled back again due to some issues and issued the drone again. Karma – how ironic?

3D Robotics Stopped Making Drones

To what do the DJI’s Drones owe their success to?

Apparently, it’s quite simple – DJI Drones are simply constantly bringing the best value for money, technologically advanced drones to the market. Something which other companies have not yet managed to do.

They are doing this also via the help of their 1,500 strong Research and Development department which is something that no other company has at the moment.

They also have had several partnerships such as Sony and Apple which has boosted their market dominance, allowed them to cut off their prices for more aggressive marketing and this ousted other drone making companies out of the picture.

Simply put DJI drones is a relentless company which will hopefully not stop surprising us with all their drones and other technology that they have coming up in the future.

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