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Victrola Turntables & Record Players (check models & prices on Amazon.com) Here at Toysandpresents.com we are constantly on the lookout for new products that arrive on Amazon that would make a nice gift and we basically look at two things; how much does the product stand out from the rest and what are other people [...]

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Amazon Fire HD 10: What the Customers are Saying About It

Review of the Amazon Fire HD 10 - Check the Product on Amazon here Amazon offers a range of really appealing, cost-effective tablets in the Amazon Fire series. Users simply love Amazon tablets and the convenience and fun it brings to them. Over last few years, there have been several major upgrades to the [...]

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Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

Christmas is approaching! The festive spirit of Christmas brings joy and excitement to the environment. From decorating the Christmas trees to have family dinners, this occasion is full of merriment and fun. One of the best yet confusing parts of Xmas is the Xmas gifts. Though gifts signify your love and care, finding the [...]

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Amazon Fire Tablets – All You Need to Know

Amazon has gained a lead in tablets market in the past few years and has increased its market cap. Introduction of new products, enhanced technology, and appealing design has made the new Amazon fire tablets a hit with the customers. With the Amazon Fire, Amazon has introduced refreshed its line of tablets. The new [...]

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Ford OjO Commuter Scooter: OjO Electric Scooter and Ford Motor Company Sign a Global Licensing Agreement

The Ford OjO Commuter Scooter (check price from Amazon)Electric scooters are among the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and popular types of motorbikes available in the market. These types of scooters offer endless specs, qualities, benefits, and usefulness. As these scooters do not use fuels like gasoline or petrol, they are considered to be among the [...]

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Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) Tablet – The Latest Addition to the Fire Tablet Family

All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) Tablet (click for price here) Tablet war in becoming highly intense! Key players are closing in the competition with new product launches regularly. From Android to iOS, you can find a range of tablet devices filled with powerful features. Another key player in the tablet market is Amazon [...]

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The Best Asian Knives on the Market Right Now which you can buy from Amazon

Anyone who has ever followed the paths of Eastern cuisine and Western cuisine can tell you that both have taken very different angles. Detrimental to both cuisines, where the invention and craftsmanship of knives, of which we still benefit from today. Today Asian cutlery is a highly sought after piece of equipment for any [...]

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Amazon’s New Fire Tablets: An In-Depth Review

In the fierce battle of tablets available in the market, which tablet do you think is the best one for you? From performance to price, features to the configuration, there are several decision-making factors you need to consider. Going for the cheapest tablet available in the market may not be the optimum choice for [...]

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OjO Electric Scooter Price – How much does it cost?

In one of our blogs we have written a while back in June, we have already given an in-depth review of the OjO Electric Scooter here. In that article, we have also reviewed all of the OjO Electric Scooter Features and why it is becoming so popular around the world. Even Lady Gaga has [...]

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Anki Overdrive – The Most Intelligent Battle Racing System

Anki Overdrive takes car racing experience to the next level! A delight for the toy car and racing lovers, Anki Drive has brought consumer robotics into everyday life. Built on decades of scientific research and artificial intelligence, Anki Drive has captured the niche market of real robotic supercars. Anki Drive is dream come true for [...]

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